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No mic or sound in video call when i use MSN8.1


I have been through all the audio video setup stuff in Windows live Messenger and all that works fine on my computer, but when i come to make a video call, there is nothing... I can not move the mic and speaker sliders. There is no sound.

What is going wrong?

I am running on Windows Vista Home Premium. Windows Live Messenger 8.1.


This might not be entirely helpful and perhaps seem a bit condescending, but I find that during video calls both sound devices are muted (for Messenger) by default, i.e., the mic at my end and the speakers at the other party's end, which is why both sliders are immobile. If you click on the little arrow underneath both webcam frames you might find the 'Mute my speakers/mic" options checked for your contact and you respectively. When I uncheck the respective options either end I find that the ability to talk to each other is, almost as if by magic, suddenly in my power. Added to that joy, even surpassing it perhaps, is the ability acquired now-- to move the sliders!

 Although for the life of me I still can't seem to figure out how to get videocalls to work full-screen.

 I hope this might've helped.

Or you can get the latest version MSN8.5 to have a try,Godd luck.

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