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Messenger Plus Live 4.50 (MSN plus live 4.5) Released

Good news,the new Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 just released.

One screenshots (mainly skins in action):

A quick list of the biggest new features:
* Messenger Skinning!!!
This new feature allows skins to be applied directly in the memory of Messenger. No file is changed, several skins can be installed and each of them is safe to use: no more installation or update problems caused by hard-patched skins. Change the way Messenger looks without problems. Creating your own skin is easy, the skinning engine is fully documented in more than 30 pages of documentation.
* Compatible with Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta,MSN8.5,MSN8.1 and other version
Because WLM9 is still in a very early beta stage Plus' compatibility is considered to be beta too. Most things will work, but it isn't 100% perfect yet.
* Built-in scripts editor massively improved
* Chat log viewer improved, including an option to search trough all your logs at once
* Improved un-installer
* Major improvements and smaller new features throughout the whole program.

For MSN Version N/A
Download Click here to download! (4.50 Mb)

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