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Free Download WLM Lite 8.5

Good news,The  WLM Lite 8.5 has been released by

Run Windows Live Messenger without installing, modifying the system, or unpacking anything,
even as a guest user, or a computer with restricted access, with all functions enabled
such as winks, animated backgrounds, packs, handwriting, etc.

- Windows XP Version 2002 or later, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

- This release has nothing to do with Tigin's versions, and has numerous differences,
while his versions are usable, they lack proper testing, and attention to detail
- WLMLite does not share any settings, custom emoticons, backgrounds, etc with any
installed versions, it is entirely seperate and portable

Important Note:
- You must create a folder named "WLM Lite" or "Thinstall" for the sandbox,
otherwise the sandbox is stored in the user profile

- WLM 8.5.1302.1018 Core Files
- Adobe Flash ActiveX Control (Winks, Animated Backgrounds)
- Microsoft Tablet PC Components with KB886179 Security Update (Handwriting)
- Microsoft VC++ 2005 SP1 Runtimes

- WinHTTP Services 5.1 (Support for systems without IE6 SP1) not needed

Build Date: 11.10.2007
Build Size: 15.9 MB (16,750,248 bytes)
Compressed: 15.5 MB (16,287,288 bytes)

Change Log:

- updated to Thinstall 3.300, updated WLM version to 8.5.1302.1018
- WLM Mess Patch Revisions:
- All advertisements (including webcam ads), search bar removed, SQM disabled
- Most common and popular additions have been added, however I do not rearrange or remove
options or features which people may find useful, since this is intended for a general
audience and not what I specifically would use, if you would prefer not to have tabs,
or msn today you can always disable it in the options
(yes, it's trivial to remove, but not everyone wants them removed)
- MSI Installer self-repair dialogs are fixed, so regardless if you have WLM installed or not,
you will never see an MSI dialog
- Fixed manifest issue with Vista, now uses updated controls, and fixes open dialog glitches
- Reduced file size to 16.0 MB by removing unneccessary files, cleaning registry scripts
- All cache files, custom emoticons, temporary files, program settings, etc. are all stored
in the WLM Lite folder off the directory where WLMLite is located
- Intelligent sandboxing added:
- all locations where WLM Lite stores settings, account files, and temp files are sandboxed,
leaving the rest of the system for normal use
- Sandboxed locations: AppData, CommonAppData, LocalAppData, Contacts, Cookies, Local Settings,
Program and Component File Directories (to prevent conflicts with installed versions)
- Updated program icon to distinguish from the real WLM
- Updated version info for WLM Lite (mention of release author, website)

It is important to note this has gone through extensive testing in virtual environments both clean,
and after installation, in XP SP1, SP2, and Vista, to ensure a quality release for the web.

Do not ask me about "WLM Lite" releases made by other authors.

For MSN Version N/A
Download Click here to download! (16 Mb)

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