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Coming soon in Messenger 9, A new API!

One feature of the API he demonstrated was he created a Vista Sidebar gadget that showed a single contact and their status. Double clicking on it opened up a chat, dragging text, images, or files to the gadget automatically started a file transfer or sent the text. Another use was for servers "talking" to administrators, and he showed how he could have a server linked with the API that would alert the admin through WLM by text whenever the HDD space was low and he could get that forwarded to his cell phone. and he also showed a user-created app that would show exactly where all of your friends were in the world using some of the abilities of the API and the information provided by your contacts. Also, he showed how he could recreate the entire WLMessenger program (with his horrible UI that he joked about) in only a little over 400 lines of code, with full chat/nudge/file transfer support between it and the real version of WLM.

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