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WLM Lite Beta 8.5.1288.816

Update 17-09-2007

Note that it can take a while (minutes, depending on your PC Speeds) till WLM Lite starts.

WLite 8.5.1288.816

Patched (messpatch applied) properties :

General :

* enabled polygamy
* swapped now playing title and artist
* view full display pic. in contact cards
* removed text advertisement from sharing folder window

Main Window

* removed Windows Live logo
* removed Messenger title
* removed display pic. from sign-in window
* allowed status change when signing in
* removed bottom links from sign-in window
* removed windows live ID branding
* switched tabs to right side
* open display pic. diolag upon DP click
* boosted personal messages to 500 characters
* removed sharing folders button
* removed windows live spaces button
* removed windows live today button
* removed mobile button
* added sign-out button in upper panel
* added personal settings button to upper panel
* moved add a contact button to upper panel
* removed information bar
* removed emoticons from contact names
* removed emoticons from personal messages
* showed contact status in contact list
* hided personal messages in contact list
* disabled song links
* removed advertisement banner
* removed MSN search bar

Conversation Window Options

* removed information bar
* added send E-mail button to top toolbar
* added my received files button to top toolbar
* added sign-out button to top toolbar
* centered top toolbar buttons
* removed get accessories link
* open display picture dialog DP click
* disabled nudge protection
* disabled nudge window shaking
* removed featured content
* removed bottom text advertisement
* removed advertising space area
* centered formatting toolbar buttons
* removed send button
* removed search button
* removed user is writing message
* changed handwriting tab images to text

Personalization Options

Normal Contact List

Showed thumbnailed display pics in contact list ( small 32 x 32)

Detailed Contact List

large ( 96 x 96 ) pics and removed buddy icons

What's new :

MS Journal Viewer ( handwriting ) support
Flash support ( latest beta )

* MsnToday completely removed
* Msn tabs completely removed ( hide or show options make no difference ,it's removed )

For MSN Version N/A
Download Click here to download! (17.2 Mb)

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