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No mic or sound in video call when i use MSN8.1

Answer:I have been through all the audio video setup stuff in Windows live Messenger and all that works fine on my computer, but when i come to make a video call, there is nothing... I can not move the mic and speaker sliders. There is no sound.What ...

Windows live Messenger sending out virus—fix method

Question: I mistakenly clicked on a zip file that was suppose to bea picture yesterday from a friend and when I went to run it, there was know picture. Insstead it keeps sending out the same file to everyone on my friends list. I ran avg an...

Windows Live Messenger hangs( MSN8.1)

 Question:I have installed windows live messeneger 8.1 and worked with it for a while with no problem. Then the messenger did not start when windows started eventhough the setting was to run at windows startup. Today I applied the late...

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