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Con't open MSN Windows live messenger—Fix methods

Who can help me.I can't open windows live messenger . Everything was working as usual until it randomly stopped responded and I was forced to end task. After ending task it will no longer open at all, i click on the icon and nothing happens, it isn't...

Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta Will Coming Soon

Hahaa,the MSN9.0 will coming found out:Windows Live Messenger team has sent out a batch of invites for the limited beta of Windows Live Messenger 9.0:"We've been hard at work building the foundation for Windows Live Messenger 9.0, w...

Windows live Messenger sending out virus—fix method

Question: I mistakenly clicked on a zip file that was suppose to bea picture yesterday from a friend and when I went to run it, there was know picture. Insstead it keeps sending out the same file to everyone on my friends list. I ran avg an...

Windows Live Messenger hangs( MSN8.1)

 Question:I have installed windows live messeneger 8.1 and worked with it for a while with no problem. Then the messenger did not start when windows started eventhough the setting was to run at windows startup. Today I applied the late...

Free Download WLM Lite 8.5

Novastar827 has yet released a new version of his WLM Lite.

Good news,The WLM Lite 8.5 has been released.
Build contains

- WLM 8.5.1302.1018 Core Files
- Adobe Flash ActiveX Control (Winks, Animated Backgrounds)
- Microsoft Tablet PC Components with KB886179 Security Update (Handwriting)
- Microsoft VC++ 2005 SP1 Runtimes

Much more information (features) and build can be found on the download page.

Coming soon in Messenger 9, A new API!

One feature of the API he demonstrated was he created a Vista Sidebar gadget that showed a single contact and their status. Double clicking on it opened up a chat, dragging text, images, or files to the gadget automatically started a file transfer or...

New Messenger Plus! Coming up..

Patchou is giving us a small look at the new Messenger Plus! 4.50. No information on what will change but he has been working hard on this new version so expect some nice updates. This new version will launce somewhere in November.Till then just enjo...

WLM Lite Beta 8.5.1288.816

Update 17-09-2007Note that it can take a while (minutes, depending on your PC Speeds) till WLM Lite starts. WLite 8.5.1288.816Patched (messpatch applied) properties :General :* enabled polygamy* swapped now playing title and artist* view full display...

Forced upgrade for older MSN versions

After a long time of silence, microsoft has (finally) update Windows Live Messenger (WLM) to Beta 2.The main difference between 8.5 beta 1 en 8.5 beta 2 is that WLM is now supporting 35 languages! Next to that some small design changes but nothing hu...

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