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Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta Free download

You can get the MSN9.0 beta version nowNew features* Sign-in and messaging in multiple locations - You asked for it, now you have it! You can now sign into Messenger from more than one computer at a time, up to four at once. Simply sign into Messenge...

MSN Lite 7.5/ WLM Lite 8.5 update

There was a released  updata for MSN Lite 7.5 and  WLM Lite 8.5 .

MSN Lite 7.5 has had lot of good updates:

- Windows 2000 Support:

- Handwriting, Winks, Animated Backgrounds, Video and Audio Conversations,

and Voice Clips are all verified and functioning

- Forced upgrade removed.

Messenger Plus Live 4.50 (MSN plus live 4.5) Released

Good news,the new Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 just released. One screenshots (mainly skins in action): quick list of the biggest new features:* Messenger Skinning!!! This new feature allows skins...

No mic or sound in video call when i use MSN8.1

Answer:I have been through all the audio video setup stuff in Windows live Messenger and all that works fine on my computer, but when i come to make a video call, there is nothing... I can not move the mic and speaker sliders. There is no sound.What ...

Con't open MSN Windows live messenger—Fix methods

Who can help me.I can't open windows live messenger . Everything was working as usual until it randomly stopped responded and I was forced to end task. After ending task it will no longer open at all, i click on the icon and nothing happens, it isn't...

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